is the tor browser safe to use mega
Is the tor browser safe to use mega как в tor browser посмотреть историю mega2web

Is the tor browser safe to use mega

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What is Tor and Should You Use It? - Mashable Explains

I've recently started using the TOR browser bundle because it seems like a safer alternative to using a proxy for anonymity purposes but is it? I use it solely to keep my IP address and general location private on. Moreover, with this handy Onion over VPN feature, you don’t need to download the TOR browser for use individually. On top of all this, as far as privacy is concerned Nord VPN offers the military-grade AES bit encryption, which is the best protocol available. Apart from that, it has over servers. Or even a mid-quality video might take an hour or two to stream. It is because of the relaying that’s going on that slows the speed. You can use the Tor browser to read, access and share documents. In short, Tor is still safe to use.